Additional data to the genus Baezia with description of a new species from a cave on El Hierro, Canary Islands (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Molytinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. Garcia, Lopez, H., Oromi, P.
Date Published:5
Type of Article:Article
:and disorders, Atlantic Ocean, Baezia - Alonso-Zarazaga & Garcia 1999 (Curculionidae): [Key to, Baezia [Canary Islands / / Key to species] [ / / Biology, Baezia bimbache - Garcia & Lopez 2007 (Curculionidae): [Sp nov, Canary, Baezia bimbache [Plant hosts / / New parasite species] [Canary, distribution records & systematics]., Hosts, islands, Islands / / New species from plant host]., Islands, Parasite of Plant, p. 48, Published electronically,, Key, Land zones, New taxa, Nomenclature, Oceanic islands, Parasite]., Parasites diseases, species, Canary Islands, P. 54, Published electronically]., Systematics, Taxonomy

The weevil Baezia bimbache n. sp. from El Hierro is described and compared to its closest allies. Some biological data are also provided, and considerations on the particular fauna of Cueva de la Curva lava tube are made. Additional records and comments as well as an identification key to the species of the genus are given.

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