Associations between Pityogenes bidentatus and fungi in young managed Scots pine stands in Poland

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. Jankowiak, Rossa R.
Journal:Forest Pathology
Date Published:June
Type of Article:Article
:Pityogenes bidentatus

The association between Pityogenes bidentatus and fungi was studied in young, managed Pinus sylvestris stands in Poland. Fungi were isolated from emerged adults and their galleries collected from four populations. In total, 2089 fungal isolates including 42 species, were obtained. Penicillium sp. 1 and Geosmithia sp. 1 were the most commonly isolated fungi from beetles (49% and 41% of beetles respectively). Geosmithia sp. 1 species was the dominant species in P. bidentatus galleries with a frequency of occurrence of 57.9%. Hormonema dematioides was the second most abundant fungus in gallery systems (17.1% of wood samples). Two of the isolated Geosmithia species were previously undescribed. Pityogenes bidentatus also vectored three ophiostomatoid species: Ophiostoma minus, O. piceae and Graphium sp. 'W'. These species were occasionally isolated from beetles and their galleries, suggesting a non-specific relationship.

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