Attraction to monoterpenes and beetle-produced compounds by syntopic Ips and Dendroctonus bark beetles and their predators

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. W. Hofstetter, Gaylord, M. L., Martinson, S., Wagner, M. R.
Journal:Agricultural and Forest Entomology
Date Published:May

1 Bark beetles are significant mortality agents of conifers. Four beetle species, the pine engraver Ips pini, the six-spined pine engraver Ips calligraphus sub. ponderosae, the southern pine beetle Dendroctonus frontalis, and the western pine beetle Dendroctonus brevicomis, cohabitate pines in Arizona. 2 A pheromone trapping study in ponderosa forests of Arizona determined the attraction of beetles to conspecific and heterospecific pheromone components in the presence and absence of host volatiles, and tested whether predators differ in their attraction to combinations of pheromone components and tree monoterpenes. 3 All four bark beetle species differed in their responses to heterospecific lures and monoterpenes. Ips calligraphus was the only species that increased in trap catches when heterospecific lures were added. Heterospecific lures did not inhibit the attraction of either Dendroctonus or Ips species. The replacement of myrcene with a-pinene increased the attraction of Dendroctonus, whereas the addition of a-pinene had mixed results for Ips. The prominent predators Temnochila chlorodia and Enoclerus lecontei were more attracted to the I. pini lure than the D. brevicomis lure, and the combination of the two lures with a-pinene was most attractive to both predator species. 4 Cross attraction and limited inhibition of bark beetles to heterospecific pheromones suggest that some of these species might use heterospecific compounds to increase successful location and colonization of trees. Predator responses to treatments suggest that tree volatiles are used to locate potential prey and predators are more responsive to Ips than to Dendroctonus pheromone components in Arizona.

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