Bark Beetle and tree hurtful fungi in an attitudinal gradient of the Bavarian forest

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:M. Blaschke, Bussler H.
Journal:Forstschutz Aktuell
Date Published:Juni
:1815-5103; 1815-5111
:Hylastes cunicularius, Taphrorychus bicolor, Xyloterus lineatus

The current distribution of relevant species for protection of forest was examined, using an attitudinal gradient in eight strict forest reserves in the Bavarian forest ranging from 325 to 1410 m above sea level. Alone 26 species of bark beetles were identified. In addition to the three most common types Xyloterus lineatus, Taphrorychus bicolor and Hylastes cunicularius also three species were represented which had been introduced from North America and Asia. The analysis of species distribution in the altitudinal gradient clearly shows that the sea level and inversely correlated annual average of the temperature explain most of the dispersion. Xyleborus germanus appears suitable as an indicator for change in temperature. Further attention should be paid especially to the future development of Phellinus viticola, one of the 18 harmful wood decay fungi

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