Bark beetle outbreak on weakened ash trees and applied control measures

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:A. Kunca, Leontovyc, R., Zubrik, M., Gubka, A.
Journal:Bulletin OEPP
Date Published:Apr
:Hylesinus fraxini

Ash dieback symptoms were noticed for the first time in 2004 in Slovakia. Information suggests that symptoms occurred before this, but not on such a large scale. The pathogen was isolated from necrotic wounds in 2007 and tests confirmed the pathogenicity of the isolate. From February 2009, a forest enterprise from Eastern Slovakia applied control measures in the field against a secondary pest, the bark beetle Hylesinus fraxini Panzer. A total of 527 trap trees were prepared on a site of approximately 200 ha. Trap trees were densely infested, and the authors judged the method as very effective against H. fraxini.

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