Beetle (Coleoptera) fauna in the locality Kanon Ohre (Site of Community Importance Natura 2000)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:S. Benedikt
Journal:Zapadoceske Entomologicke Listy
Date Published:2010
:Otiorhynchus desertus

The results of the beetle research realized during years 2007-2008 in the Kanon Ohre protected in Natura 2000 are presented in this paper. The locality is formed by the deep rocky (granit) valley of the Ohoe (Eger) river covered mostly with spruce, pine and birch forests, locally also with relict lime-oak forests on the rocky slopes and rests of old-growth beech woodlands. The occurrence of stony debrices is common in this area. Non-altered river locally with small sandy beaches is very important for the diversity of the locality. Altogether 637 species were found in this area during the research from which 29 species are redlisted. The area is rich for saproxylic beetles (dead wood dependent). Click beetle Anostirus sulphuripennis (Elateridae), weevil Otiorhynchus desertus (Curculionidae) and saproxylic beetles Mycetophagus decempunctatus (Mycetophagidae) and Rabocerus gabrieli (Salpingidae) are the most valuable species found in the locality.

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