Digital-Weevil-Determination of West Palaearctic: Isochnus/Orchestes/Pseudorchestes/Rhamphus/Rhynchaenus/Tachyerges (Curculioninae: Rhamphini)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:C. Team
Date Published:1
Type of Article:Article
:Isochnus, Orchestes, Orchestes erythropus, Pseudorchestes, Pseudorchestes persimilis, Rhamphini, Rhamphus, Rhynchaenus, Tachyerges

In the framework of the 'Digital Weevil Determination' project a digital and interactive determination work for the difficult genera Isochnus, Orchestes, Pseudorchestes, Rhamphus, Rhynchaenus and Tachyerges (Curculioninae: Rhamphini) is presented for the first time as a pictorial key in German and English language. 49 species of the West Palaearctic region (the eastern delimitation is orientated approximately along the eastern borderlines of the EU members) were taken into account. Each information in the key is firstly given as a pictorial information and is also - more additionally - 'translated' into text. By this, we follow a basic principle of modern entomological and taxonomical work: To see by light-optical microscope exactly that, what the digital picture is keeping ready on the screen! Information on the biology for every species are completing this work. Taxonomical changes: A lectotype of Orchestes. flavipes Desbrochers 1884 is designated. The following synonyms are established: Pseudorchestes persimilis (Reitter 1911) = Rhynchaenus otini Hustache 1939 = Rhynchaenus persimilis gallicus Dieckmann 1959 syn. nov. and Orchestes erythropus (Germar 1821) = Orchestes tricolor Kiesenwetter 1851 syn. nov. = Orchestes flavipes Desbrochers 1884 syn. nov.

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