Elytral scales of weevils of the tribe Cleonini sensu lato (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Lixinae) - try of typification

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Y. G. Arzanov, Valov G. V.
Journal:Kavkazskii Entomologicheskii Byulleten
Date Published:2011

Elytral scales of weevils of the tribe Cleonini sensu lato are studied. Totally 48 genera of world fauna are analyzed. Colour scanning laser microscope Keyence VK- 9700 was used for this study. he received images represent the microphotos of high deinition made in scanning mode by laser (violet laser with length of wave 408 nanometers) with 1500 multiple increase. New typology of elytral scales is proposed. Corellation between structure, character and density of location of elytral scales and habitat of taxa is analized. The type of scales only partially shows the phylogenetic relations of taxa, although it is suficiently stable for some generic groups. It is revealed that main function of elytral scales is masking, but not protection and thermoregulation of a body.

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