Imathia and Amblycnemus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:E. C. Zimmerman
Journal:Pacif. Insects
Type of Article:Article
:Amblycnemus, Amblycnemus albisetus, Amblycnemus dentifer, Amblycnemus dentipes, Amblycnemus fasciatus, Amblycnemus fulgidus, Amblycnemus javaae, Amblycnemus laratensis, Amblycnemus stevensoni, Cleogonina, Imathia, Imathia albiseta, Imathia dentifera, Imathia dentipes, Imathia fasciata, Imathia fulgida, Imathia javaae, Imathia laratensis, Imathia stevensoni

Cleogonini (Lacordaire) Stat nov p. 192 for Cleogonina (Lacordaire) Hustache1936. Imathia (= Amblycnemus Marshall 1931 syn. nov ) p. 187; catalogue of spp referred to Cleogonini Stat nov; Imathia albiseta (Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 192 for Amblycnemus albisetus Zimmerman 1946; Imathia dentifera(Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 195 for Amblycnemus dentifer Zimmerman 1941; Imathia dentipes (Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 195 for Amblycnemus dentipes Zimmerman 1942; Imathia fasciata (Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 195for Amblycnemus fasciatus Zimmerman 1944; Imathia fulgida (Zimmerman)comb. nov p. 195 for Amblycnemus fulgidus Zimmerman 1943; Imathia javaae (Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 195 for Amblycnemus javaae Zimmerman 1946; Imathia laratensis (Zimmerman) comb. nov p. 195for Amblycnemus laratensis Zimmerman 1944; Imathia stevensoni(Marshall) comb. nov p. 195 for Amblycnemus stevensoni Marshall 1931; Amblycnemus - Marshall, 1931 (Curculionidae): [Syn nov]. Cleogonina (Curculionidae). Imathia (Curculionidae). Imathia albiseta - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia dentifera - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia dentipes - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia fasciata - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia fulgida - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia javaae - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia laratensis - (Zimmerman) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov]. Imathia stevensoni - (Marshall) (Curculionidae): [Comb nov].

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