Insects of Tasik Chini with special emphasis on ichneumonid wasps

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:A. B. Idris, Ismail, S., Haron, Y., Suhana, Y.
Journal:Sains Malaysiana
Date Published:December

A preliminary study on selected insect communities of Tasik Chini was conducted from 27th May to 2nd June 2004 along three trails namely trail to Sg. Gumum, trail to Kampung Melai and trail to old tin mining area. A total of eight Malaise traps were installed along the trail to Sg. Gumum while sweeping net and 10 yellow pan traps per trail were used to sample insects along the other two trails. A total of 502 insect individuals consisting of eight orders and 46 families were successfully collected. Of these, the hymenopterans (ants and wasps) had the most number (298 individuals and 11 families) while the Blattaria was the least number (six individuals and two families). Of the hymenopterans, the ichneumonids had the most individuals collected (52) followed by evaniid (50) and vespid wasps (41). For the Coleopterans, Cleridae were the most collected (26) during this short study followed by Anthribidae (13). There were 62 of individuals Odonata consisting of 9 species identified.

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