A new kiwi fruit pest, Lymantor coryli (Perris, 1853) (Colepotera Coleoptera : Scolytidae) in Turkey

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:K. Ak, Guclu, S., Tuncer, C.
Journal:Turkiye Entomoloji Dergisi
:Lymantor coryli

Middle and East Black Sea regions are the primary kiwi production areas in Turkey. Depending on observations in these regions, bark beetles (Coleoptera Scolytidae) are detrimental on kiwi trees that are close to forests and hazelnut orchards. Although these pests usually cause damage on kiwi trunk and shoots, it was observed that Lymantor coryli (Perris, 1853) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) cause fruit damage and dropping in kiwi orchards in Findikli town (Rize province) in 2008 It is first time reported by this paper that L coryli cause damage on kiwi fruits In this paper, description, distribution, short life cycle and damage of L coryli on kiwi fruits were given in addition to recommended control methods in kiwi orchards.

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