A new species of the weevil genus Theodorinus Korotyaev, 1982 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) from Spain

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:B. A. Korotyaev, Alonso-Zarazaga M. Angel
Journal:Zoosystematica Rossica
Date Published:2010
:Theodorinus (Allantonyx) lopezcoloni

Theodorinus (Allantonyx) lopezcoloni sp. nov. is described from Spain, closely related to Th. latipennis (Pic, 1905) from Algeria and Morocco, but differing in the noticeably narrower body, uniformly flat elytral intervals, narrower tarsi with 3rd tarsomere only slightly wider than 2nd, somewhat less convex scales, and absence of erect setae in the depression on anal ventrite in male. In the shape of body, evenly flat elytral intervals, position of the tubercle on 5th interval, and absence of erect setae on male anal ventrite the new species is more similar to the Moroccan Th. peyerimhoffi Korotyaev, 1994. It differs, in addition to the structure of aedeagus, in the broader, more widely overlapping scales on the body, much narrower odd-numbered elytral intervals than even-numbered ones, and, prima facies, in the still more advanced denticle on the 5th interval of elytra.

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