A new Thelastomatidae, Oryctophila bonaerensis sp. nov. (Nematoda) parasite of curculionid beetle larvae of Prosalbus rufus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Argentina

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:N. B. Camino, Achinelly M. Fernanda
Date Published:April
:1984-4670; 1984-4689

Oryctophila bonaerensis sp. nov. parasitizing curculionid beetle larvae from Argentina, is described and illustrated. The species is characterized by a prominent genital cone and a short and filiform tail appendage. Female with vulva at midlenght of body, vagina long, S-shaped, monodelphic, opistodelphic. Male with one club-shaped spicule. Genital papillae arranged as follows: one pair of large preanal papillae and three pairs of postanal papillae of various sizes: a pair of medium sized papillae is immediately posterior to the anus, followed by a pair of large papillae, and one pair of small papillae at the base of the caudal appendage.

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