New Zealand Cossoninae photos

Thomas Broun is not known for his lavishly illustrated descriptions, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a reprint of his 1908 revision of the New Zealand Cossoninae with a couple of photographic plates published with it. The full text of the volume is available as both HTML and a PDF from here on the National Library of New Zealand website.

Attached are black and white scans of the plates

The species illustrated are:
Plate XV.
Fig. 1. Pentarthrum zealandicum, Wollaston.
Fig. 2. Euophryum rujum, Broun.
Fig. 3. Zenoteratus macrocephalus, Broun.
Fig. 4. Torostoma apicale, Broun.
Fig. 5. Toura longirostre, Wollaston.
Fig. 6. Stenotoura exilis, Broun.
Fig. 7. Merisma sharpiana, Wollaston.
Fig. 8. Dioedimorpha wollastoniana, Sharp.
Fig. 9. Rhinanisus fulvicornis, Broun.
Fig. 10. Macroscytalus laticollis, Broun.
Fig. 11. Proconus asperirostris, Broun.
Fig. 12. Sencotrogus subaenescens, Wollaston.
Fig. 13. Gaurocryphus auricomus, Broun.
Fig. 14. Agrilochilus prolixus, Broun.
Fig. 15. Arecocryptus bellus, Broun.
Fig. 16. Eucossonus comptus, Broun.

Plate XVI.
Fig. 1. Agastegnus longipes, Broun.
Fig. 2. Mesoxenophasis brouni, Wollaston.
Fig. 3. Microtribus huttoni, Wollaston.
Fig. 4. Novitas dispar, Broun.
Fig. 5. Stilbocara constricticollis, Broun.
Fig. 6. Arecophaga varia, Broun.
Fig. 7. Pogonorhinus opacus, Broun.
Fig. 8. Protogonum helmsianum, Sharp.
Fig. 9. Allaorus urquharti, Broun.
Fig. 10. Hectaeus rubidus, Broun.
Fig. 11. Exomesites optimus, Broun.
Fig. 12. Eutornus littoralis, Broun.
Fig. 13. Inosomus rujopiceus, Broun.
Fig. 14. Pselactus punctatus, Broun.
Fig. 15. Xenocnema spinipes, Wollaston.

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