News new records of phytophagous insects associates with murta or murtilla (Ugni molinae Turcz.) in Chile

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:A. Aguilera P, D, M. Ellena, B, I. Seguel, B, A. Montenegro, A, J. San Martin, B, L. Torralbo, R, R. Rebolledo
Date Published:2009
:0073-4675; 0718-3429

In 2005 there were published the first records of insects and other phytophagous invertebrates species associated with Ugni molinae Turcz. in Chile. During 2005-2006 a survey of phytophagous insects was continued in natural habitat and artificial conditions as experimental cultivated species. In this work tell new records of phytopagous insects are added associated to U. Molinae in farming conditions: two Hemiptera (One Pseudococcidae; one Margarodidae), five Lepidoptera (One Arctiidae: one Hepialidae; two Saturnidae; one Tortricidae) and three Coleoptera (One Scarabaeidae: two Curculionidae) So, at present 32 species of phytophagous insects and other invertebrates are registered on U. molinae, a berry of southern Chile. The phytophagous insects and considering two species of Cicadellidae mentioned as vector s of phytoplasma known as witches broom, at present represent 88,24% of all phytophagous invertebrate organisms determined oil U. molinae in Chile.

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