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A species-level catalogue for Entiminae is available at:

The catalog can be searched by tribe, genus or species, and includes information on distributions, references, host plants, and more. It is built and maintained by Dr. Nikolai Yunakov and his team, and contributions are welcome.

You can become an expert, taxonomist or group coordinator in UkrBIN project:

1. Sign Up at
2. Send an email to where you express willing to join the project as an expert or group coordinator in particular group of organisms, specify the taxon that is your main scientific focus. Attach your brief CV with professional affiliation and major references which prove your expertise in the particular group of organisms. Or provide a web link to the site/page where that information is available.
3. Take our short free course how to manage the main functions in database, taxons tree and species accounts.

Image: Liophloeus (Liophloeus) tessulatus (Müller, 1776): 87 · Ukraine · Kharkiv · (

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