Results of Entomological Days 2005 - beetles (Coleoptera): contribution to the knowledge of the fauna of the Brdy hills and the Stredni Povltavi region

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:S. Urban
Date Published:November
Type of Article:Article
:Acalles, Apion

This paper summarizes the records of 586 beetle species (Coleoptera) from 33 families collected in the Brdy hills and the Stredni Povltavi region during the "Entomological Days 2005" meeting of the Czech Entomological Society on May 27-29, 2005. Data on the occurrence of 45 remarkable beetle species are briefly commented. The most zoogeographically important and rarest species identified are Epaphius rivularis (Gyllenhal, 1810), Sisyphus schaefferi (Linnaeus. 1758), Aphtona nigriscutis foudras, 1859, Apion immune Kirby, 1808, Acalles aubei Boheman, 1837, and Mogulones venedicus (Weise, 1879).


Vysledky Entomologickych dnu 2005 - brouci (Coleoptera): prispevek k poznani fauny Brd a Stredniho Povltavi.Urban, Stanislav Vonicka, Pavel Vrabec, Zdenek Gurtler, Norbert Kohn, Jiri Moravac, Pavel Nezerka, Jiri Plechac, Jiri Prusa, Milan Rysavy, Jaroslav Schneider, Jan Schon, Karel Strejcek, Jaromir Skoda, Richard Sprynar, Pavel Trmal, Antonin Vosecky, Jan Vrabec, Vladimir

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