A review of New World weevils associated with Viscaceae (mistletoes [in part]) including descriptions of new genera and a new species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. S. Anderson
Journal:Journal of Natural History
Start Page:435
Date Published:March-April
Type of Article:Article
:Anthonomus brachyrhinus, Anthonomus guerreroensis, Anthonomus phoradendrae, Cionomimus, Cionomimus burkei, Cionomimus clarki, Cionomimus grossus, Cionomimus obrieni, Cionomimus woodi, Coturpus, Coturpus arcuatus, Curculionidae, Cylindrocopturinus, Cylindrocopturinus catherineae, Cylindrocopturinus hainesi, Cylindrocopturinus pictus, Cylindrocopturinus vanessae, Hohonus sturio, Myrmex algerti, Myrmex arizonicus, Sternocoelus sturio, Turcopus, Turcopus viscivorus

The New World weevil fauna of the parasitic plant family Viscaceae is comprised of 24 species in eight genera representing four tribes of Curculioninae. Genera represented (numbers of species and tribal placement in parentheses) are as follows; Anthonomus (3), Smicraulax (3) and Cionomimus (9) (Anthonomini), Myrmex (1) (Otidocephalini), Hohonus (2) (Cryptorhynchini), and Cylindrocopturinus (4), Turcopus (1) and Coturpus (1) (Zygopini). Smicraulax arizonicus Sleeper and S. tuberculatus Dietz are reported from Mexico; S. piercei is recorded from Chiapas, Mexico. Three new species of Anthonomus, A. brachyrhinus, A. guerreroensis and A. phoradendrae are described from Mexico. Five new species of Cionomimus, C. burkei (Mexico), C. clarki (Venezuela), C. grossus (Mexico), C. obrieni (Mexico) and C. woodi (Mexico) are described. A key to species of adults of Cionomimus species is presented. Otidocephalus algerti Sleeper is considered a new junior synonym of Myrmex arizonicus (Schaeffer). Sternocoelus sturio Arrow is transferred to Hohonus as H. sturio (Arrow) n. comb. The genus Cylindrocopturinus Sleeper, and C. pictus (Schaeffer) and C. hainesi Hespenheide are redescribed and 2 new species of Cylindrocopturinus, C. catherineae and C. vanessae, are described from Mexico. Cylindrocopturinus hainesi is reported from Honduras. A key to species of adults of Cylindrocopturinus is presented. Turcopus new genus is proposed with one included species, T. viscivorus new species, described from Guatemala and Guerrero, Mexico. Coturpus new genus is proposed with one included species, C. arcuatus new species, described from Guerrero, Mexico. Phylogenetic relationships of most curculionid lineages associated with Viscaceae are inadequately resolved. Only for Myrmex arizonicus and Cylindrocopturinus-Coturpus-Turcopus are there sufficient data to weigh competing hypotheses about evolution of host plant associations.

Taxonomic name: 
Curculionidae (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Coturpus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cylindrocopturinus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Turcopus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Zygopini (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cryptorhynchini (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Hohonus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Curculioninae (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomini (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Smicraulax (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Otidocephalini (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Myrmex (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus clarki (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomus brachyrhinus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomus guerreroensis (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Anthonomus phoradendrae (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus burkei (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus grossus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus obrieni (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cionomimus woodi (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Coturpus arcuatus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cylindrocopturinus catherineae (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cylindrocopturinus hainesi (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cylindrocopturinus pictus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Cylindrocopturinus vanessae (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Hohonus sturio (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Myrmex algerti (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Myrmex arizonicus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended)), Turcopus viscivorus (Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999 (amended))
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