Revision of the genus Caenopsis Bach, 1854 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:L. Behne
Date Published:2008
Type of Article:Article
:Caenopsis, Caenopsis andalusiensis, Caenopsis assmanni, Caenopsis bermejaensis, Caenopsis breviscapus, Caenopsis brevisetis, Caenopsis crestellinensis, Caenopsis fissirostris, Caenopsis formaneki, Caenopsis gracillicornis, Caenopsis larraldi, Caenopsis longirostris, Caenopsis peyerimhoffi, Caenopsis pici, Caenopsis reichei, Caenopsis stuebeni, Caenopsis waltoni, Caenopsis zerchei

The following species are studied: Caenopsis fissirostris (Walton 1847) (= Otiorrhynchus impressicollis Stierlin 1899, = Caenopsis bachii Bach 1854), Caenopsis larraldi (Perris 1857) (= Coenopsis rigidus Rey 1894), Caenopsis pici Desbrochers 1896, (= angustior Pic 1906, = confusus Hustache 1935 syn. n.), Caenopsis waltoni (Boheman 1843) (= Caenopsis maderiensis Pic 1906), Caenopsis peyerimhoffi Hustache 1935, Caenopsis formaneki Leonhard 1912, Caenopsis brevisetis Desbrochers 1896, Caenopsis reichei Tournier 1874 (= Trachyphloeus marocanus Stierlin 1885 syn. n., = Caenopsis maroccana A. & F. Solari 1905 syn. n.). The following species are described from South Spain: Caenopsis andalusiensis Behne spec. n., Caenopsis bermejaensis Behne spec. n., Caenopsis crestellinensis Behne spec. n., Caenopsis stuebeni Behne spec. n., Caenopsis gracilicornis Behne spec. n., Caenopsis breviscapus Behne spec. n., Caenopsis zerchei Behne spec. n., Caenopsis assmanni Behne spec. n., and from North Morocco: Caenopsis longirostris Behne spec. n. Lectotypes are designated: Caenopsis bachii Bach 1854, Caenopsis larraldi (Perris 1857) (Trachyphloeus), Caenopsis angustior Pic 1906, Caenopsis pici Desbrochers 1896, Caenopsis confusus Hustache 1935, Caenopsis maderiensis Pic 1906, Caenopsis formaneki Leonhard 1912, Caenopsis reichei (Stierlin 1885) (Trachyphloeus), Caenopsis maroccana A. & F. Solari 1905. Female and male genitalia are firstly studied and illustrated in this genus. A diagnostic key allows the identification of all species of the genus Caenopsis.

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