Taxa of Coleoptera described by M.E. Ter-Minassian

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Y. G. Arzanov, Korotyaev B. A.
Journal:Kavkazskii Entomologicheskii Byulleten
Date Published:2011

Margarita Ervandovna Ter-Minassian was an outstanding expert in the taxonomy of the Coleoptera, primarily of the family Bruchidae and superfamily Curculionoidea. She has described 8 genera, 3 subgenera and more than 180 species. he full list of the taxa described by her is given in alphabetic order, with indication of their position in the modern classification. Apion terminasianae Alonso-Zarazaga, 1986 is returned to the genus Apion Herbst, 1797 from Kalcapion Schilsky, 1906.

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