Taxonomic changes and new records of Japanese bark and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. A. Beaver, Kajimura, H., Goto, H.
Date Published:Nov 22
Type of Article:Article
:Ambrosiodmus asperatus, Arixyleborus malayensis, Coccotrypes longior, Euwallacea fornicatus, Hypothenemus birmanus, Hypothenemus eruditus, Microperus perparvus, Scolytogenes, Xyleborinus octiesdentatus, Xyleborus haberkorni, Xyleborus mucronatus, Xylosandrus discolor

In this study of some Japanese species of scolytine bark and ambrosia beetles, the following new synonymy is proposed: Arixyleborus malayensis (SCHEDL) (=Xyleborus yakushimanus MURAYAMA, syn. n.), Coccotrypes longior (EGGERS) (=Dryocoetes naidaijinensis MURAYAMA, syn. n.), Microperus perparvus (SAMPSON) (= Xyleborus tsukubanus MURAYAMA, syn. n.). The synonymy of Ernocryphalus MURAYAMA, with Scolytogenes EICHHOFF, and not Cryphalus ERICHSON as given by WOOD and BRIGHT (1992), is confirmed. The following new combinations are given: Xyleborinus octiesdentatus (MURAYAMA), comb. n. from Xyleborus. The following species are newly recorded from Japan: Ambrosiodmus asperatus (BLANDFORD), Xyleborus haberkorni EGGERS, Xyleborus mucronatus EGGERS, Xylosandrus discolor (BLANDFORD). The following species are newly recorded from the southern part of the Ryukyu archipelago: Euwallacea fornicatus (EICHHOFF), Hypothenemus birmanus (EICHHOFF), Hypothenemus eruditus WESTWOOD.

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