Taxonomic notes on the Afrotropical genera Hapalogenius Hagedorn, Hylesinopsis Eggers, and Rhopalopselion Hagedorn (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. A. Beaver
Date Published:2010
:Hapalogenius, Hylesinopsis, Rhopalopselion

Taxonomic confusion among the afrotropical scolytine genera Hapalogenius Hagedorn, Hylesinopsis Eggers and Rhopalopselion Hagedorn, and their synonyms is discussed with especial reference to the catalogues of Wood and Bright (1992), and Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal (2009). A key is given to separate the three genera recognised, and the species considered to be included in each genus are listed. Hylesinopsis is resurrected from synonymy with Hapalogenius, and shown not to be closely related to it. Chilodendron Schedl is considered to be a synonym of Hylesinopsis and not of Xylechinus Chapuis. The following new synonymy is proposed at specific level: Hapalogenius africanus (Eggers) (= Hapalogenius lesnei Eggers, = Metahylesinus brincki Schedl); Hapalogenius fuscipennis (Chapuis) (= Hapalogenius bimaculatus Eggers); Hapalogenius oblongus (Eggers) (= Metahylesinus striatus Schedl); Hylesinopsis fasciata (Hagedorn) (= Kissophagus punctatus Eggers); Phrixosoma niger Eggers (= Hapalogenius niger Schedl). The following species are returned to Hylesinopsis from Hapalogenius to which they were transferred by Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal (2009): Hylesinopsis alluaudi (Lepesme), H. angolensis (Schedl), H. arabiae (Schedl), H. atra (Nunberg), H. confusa (Eggers), H. decellei (Nunberg), H. dubia Eggers, H. emarginata (Nunberg), H. fasciata (Hagedorn), H. ficus (Schedl), H. granulata (Lepesme), H. hirsuta (Schedl), H. joveri (Schedl), H. pauliani (Lepesme), H. punctata (Eggers), H. saudiarabiae (Schedl). The following new combination is given: Hylesinopsis leprosula (Browne) from Cryphalus Erichson. New distributional records are given for some species.

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