Taxonomic notes on the tribe Mecysolobini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae), with descriptions of three new taxa from Japan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:K. Morimoto, Kojima H.
Date Published:May
:Cylindralcides, Neomecyslobus, Sternuchopsis

A key to genera and subgenera of the tribe Mecysolobini is prepared as a temporary compilation from Heller (1918), Pajni & Dhir (1987) and Voss (1956-62) for aiming to clarify the systematic position of the new subgenus Nipponomerus. Pseudmesalcidodes Pajni et Dhir, 1987, is newly synonymized with Sternuchopsis Heller, 1917, because of the similarity of their type-species: pectoralis and waltoni. A new subgenus and two new species are described in the tribe Mecysolobini: Neomecyslobus (Nipponomerus subg. nov.), Neomecyslobus (Nipponomerus) masatakai sp. nov., type-species of the subgenus, from Japan (Ryukyus: Amami-Oshima, Ishigaki-jima and Yonaguni-jima Isls.), and Merus (Merus) unifasciatus sp. nov. from Taiwan and Japan (Ryukyus: Okinawa-honto and Ishigaki-jima Isls.). A list of Japanese species is given with three new combinations: Neomecyslobus (Nipponomerus) nigrofasciatus (Kono), comb. nov. (Alcides), Cylindralcides takahashii (Kono), comb. nov. [Alcides], and Sternuchopsis (Mesalcidodes) trifidus (Pascoe 1870), comb. nov. (Alcides).

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