Two new species of Diapus Chapuis (Col., Curculionidae: Platypodinae) from Taiwan and Thailand, with a note on the female of Diapus aculeatus Blandford

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:R. A. Beaver, Liu, L. Y., Puranasakul, W.
Journal:Entomologist's Monthly Magazine
Date Published:April-June
Type of Article:Article
:Diapus, Diapus aculeatus, Diapus aulacus, Diapus unispinosus

Diapus aulacus sp.n. is described from Taiwan by Beaver and Liu, and D. unispinosus sp.n. from Thailand by Beaver and Puranasakul. The presence of hair brushes developed uniquely on enlarged maxillae, and presumed to be used in courtship, is noted in the female of D. aulacus. The keys to male and female Diapus given by Beaver (2002) are modified to include the two new species, and young females of D. aculeatus Blandford.

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