Two new species of Howdeniola Osella (1980) from Ecuador (Coleoptera Curculionidae Cossoninae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:C. Bello, Osella G.
Journal:Memoirs on Biodiversity
Date Published:2008
Type of Article:Article
:Howdeniola, Howdeniola margheritae, Howdeniola onorei

Howdeniola margheritae n.sp. and Howdeniola onorei n.sp. (Curculionidae Cossoninae) from Ecuador, specimens collected by sieving forest humus in the "bosque nublado" of Otonga (Cotopaxi-Las Pampas) and in the subparamo of Cerro Blanco (Pichincha-S. Jose de Minas), respectively, are described, illustrated and discussed. Some preliminary considerations on the ecological and zoogeographical attributes of blind Curculionid Coleoptera of the Americas are presented.

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