Two new species of Leptographium from Dryocetes authographus Dryocoetes autographus and Hylastes cunicularius in Norway

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:K. Jacobs, Krokene, P., Solheim, H., Wingfield, M. J.
Journal:Mycological Progress
Date Published:Mar
:Hylastes cunicularius

The anamorph genus Leptographium Lagerberg and Melin includes species that are typically bark beetle-associated fungi, with teleomorphs in Grosmannia. During a survey of ophiostomatoid fungi in Norway, two unusual species, that fit the broader morphological description of Leptographium, were isolated directly from the root-feeding beetles, Dryocetes authographus and Hylastes cunicularius, as well as from roots infested by these insects. The first of these could be distinguished from other described species based on a sparse sporulation, black spore drops and chlamydospores in older cultures. This species also produces a Hyalorhinocladiella synanamorph. The second species was characterised by distinctly curved conidia. Based on these unusual morphological characteristics and distinct DNA sequences, these fungi were recognised as new taxa for which the names Leptographium chlamydatum sp. nov. and L. curvisporum sp. nov. are provided.

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