Two new species of Raymondionymus from Tuscany (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:P. Magrini, Abbazzi P.
Journal:Fragmenta Entomologica
Date Published:30 settembre
:Raymondionymus andreinii, Raymondionymus antoninii, Raymondionymus degiovannii

Raymondionymus degiovannii and R. antoninii, were collected in traps in Tuscany. R. degiovannii n. sp., collected in a deep endogeous layer, resembles R. andreinii (Osella, 1977) from the Calvana Mountains (Florence-Prato) but is larger, has a more laterally dilated pronotum, basally wider elytra, more pronounced interstria and a longer club, a distinctly different underside and an aedeagus with a different apical opening, a stouter apical button and a straighter ventral lamina. R. antoninii n. sp., collected in a hypogean environment, clearly differs from the other Tuscan taxa in having a much narrower anterior body. The text includes both photographs of the morphological features (internal and external) that distinguish them within their genus.

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