Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Iranian rice fields and surrounding grasslands

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:H. Ghahari, Arzanov, Y. Genrikh'vi, Legalov, A. Aleksandro, Tabari, M., Ostovan, H.
Journal:Munis Entomology & Zoology
Date Published:January
:Archarius, Bangasternus, Bothynoderes, Ceutorhynchinae, Ceutorhynchus, Chromoderus, Cleonis, Coniatus, Coniocleonus, Conorhynchus, Curculio, Curculioninae, Donus, Entiminae, Eustenopus, Hypera, Hyperinae, Hypolixus, Larinus, Limobius, Lixinae, Lixus, Microlarinus, Otiorhynchus, Pachycerus, Rhinocyllus, Stenocarus, Tychius

In a total of 45 species of 22 genera including, Stenocarus, Tychius, Ceutorhynchus, Curculio, Archarius, Coniatus, Donus, Hypera, Limobius, Conorhynchus, Pachycerus, Cleonis, Coniocleonus, Chromoderus, Bothynoderes, Rhinocyllus, Bangasternus, Microlarinus, Eustenopus, Larinus, Lixus, Hypolixus, Otiorhynchus and 5 subfamilies including, Ceutorhynchinae, Curculioninae, Hyperinae, Lixinae and Entiminae were collected from Iranian rice fields and surrounding grasslands.

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