Weevils of the tribe Cleonini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Lixinae) in collection of V.I. Motschulsky

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:J. G. Arzanov
Journal:Kavkazskii Entomologicheskii Byulleten
Date Published:2008
Type of Article:Article
:Bothynoderes ovipennis, Bothynoderus biguttulus, Bothynoderus impluviaticollis, Bothynoderus lineatocollis, Bothynoderus lugens, Bothynoderus obtusirostris, Bothynoderus quadricostatus, Bothynoderus subelongatus, Chromoderus pallidulus, Chromosomus melanogrammus, Chromosomus rufiger, Chromosomus sabulosus, Cleonini, Cleonus amplicollis, Cleonus impexus, Cleonus maculiventris, Coniocleonus angilicollis, Coniocleonus caudatus, Cyphocleonus ferrugatus, Oosomus humerosus, Oosomus virescens, Porocleonus scrobocollis, Scaphomorphus lepidii

V.I. Motschulsky's collection stored in the Zoological museum of Moscow State University (Moscow) is investigated. The collection includes more than 100 species of weevils fron the tribe Cleonini. Two species from this collection are kept at the Zoological institut of Russian Academy of Science (Saint Petersburg). The unavailable names specified on Motschulsky's determination labels are the following: Chromoderus pallidulus Motsch., nomen nudum = Bothynoderes affinis (Schrank, 1781), Porocleonus scrobocollis Motsch., nomen nudum = Porocleonus candidus (Olivier, 1807); Cyphocleonus ferrugatus Motsch., nomen nudum = Cyphocleonus hedenborgi (Fahraeus, 1842); Coniocleonus angilicollis Motsch., nomen nudum = Plagiographus crinipes (Fahraeus, 1842); Coniocleonus caudatus Motsch., nomen nudum = Plagiographus fastigiatus (Erichson, 1841); Bothynoderes ovipennis Motsch., nomen nudum = Chromonotus hirsutulus Faust, 1883; Bothynoderus biguttulus Motsch. nomen nudum = Chromonotus bipunctatus (Zoubkov, 1829); Bothynoderus lineatocollis Motsch., nomen nudum = Chromonotus bipunctatus (Zoubkov, 1829); Bothynoderus parallelinus Motsch., nomen nudum = Asproparthenis foveicollis (Gebler, 1834); Bothynoderus quadricostatus Motsch., nomen nudum = Asproparthenis obsoletefasciatus (Menetries, 1848); Bothynoderus impluviaticollis Motsch., nomen nudum = Asproparthenis vexata (Gyllenhal, 1834); Bothynoderus subelongatus Motsch., nomen nudum = Asproparthenis carinata (Zoubkov, 1829); Bothynoderus lugens Motsch., nomen nudum = Asproparthenis punctiventris (Germar, 1824); Leucosomus latus Motsch., nomen nudum = Leucophyes motschulskyi Arzanov, 2008; Cleonus maculiventris Motsch., nomen nudum = Xanthochelus cinctiventris (Fahraeus, 1842); Cleonus amplicollis Motsch., nomen nudum = Xanthochelus cinctiventris (Fahraeus, 1842); Oosomus humerosus Motsch., nomen nudum = Pseudocleonus cinereus (Schrank, 1781); Oosomus virescens Motsch., nomen nudum = Lixomorphus algirus (Linnaeus, 1758). Lectotypes are designated for the following species described by Motschulsky: Isomerus quadrimaculatus Motschulsky, 1860; Cyphocleonus melanogrammus Motschulsky, 1854; Conorhynchus argillaceus Motschulsky, 1860; Chromosomus rufiger Motschulsky, 1845; Cyphocleonus sabulosus Motschulsky, 1845; Bothynoderes communis Motschulsky, 1860; Bothynoderes schonherri Motschulsky, 1860; Chromonotus variegatus Motschulsky, 1860); Cleonus impexus Motschulsky, 1860; Scaphomorphus lepidii Motschulsky, 1860.

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