[Description of genus Capsonotus nov. and Sulconotus nov., from Ecuador and Venezuela, with four new related species (Curculionidae, Molytinae).]

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:J. - F. Voisin
Journal:Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie
Date Published:November-Decembe
Type of Article:Article
:Anchonini, Capsonotus, Capsonotus pyxis, Capsonotus smilodon, Sulconotus, Sulconotus angustus, Sulconotus rufomarginatus, Sulconotus scapha

Description of two new Anchonine genera, Capsonotus nov. from Ecuador, and Sulconotus nov. from Venezuela to Ecuador, and related to the genus Rhyparonotus Faust, 1892. An English table is given to allow to separate them from other Anchonine genera. Two new species, C. smilodon and C. pyxis are described within the genus Capsonotus. They differ by size, C smilodon being larger and having a sloping base to its pronotum and well-developed reliefs at the top of the elytral declivity. Two other species, S. rufomarginatus and S. angustus are described within the genus Sulconotus. S. rufomarginatus is easily recognized by its narrow outline, its elytra regularly broadening backward and its reddish brown colouration becoming frankly reddish in its pronotal furrows and on the lateral edge of its elytra. S. angustus can be identified by its very narrow outline, its long apical declivity to its elytra, the shape of its pronotal carinae, etc.


Description des genres Capsonotus nov. et Sulconotus nov., de I'Equateur et du Venezuela, ainsi que de quatre especes nouvelles s'y rapportant (Curculionidae, Molytinae).

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