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Massimo Meregalli, Dept. of Life Sciences, University of Turin, Italy.

The catalogue of species is accessible through the side-menu. Each genus includes all subgenera, species and synonyms. Links from species names to images are provided where possible. Relevant references are included on each page.

This catalogue is based on literature search and examination of specimens conserved in museums and private collections. Literature citations were critically considered, and in some cases (such as for distribution of allopatric sister species) they were corrected.

Names in bold: valid taxa.

Names in regular and indented: synonyms or invalid names.

The symbol “!” refers to type specimens personally examined.

TL: type locality, verbatim (between quotation marks) or generic when no exact reference was given in the original publication.

The countries are coded according to the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 code

The states of the US are coded according to the ISO 3166-2:US code

The provinces of China are coded according to the GB/T 2260 code

For each country up to 2-3 bibliographic references are given (numbers in apices). This means that in several cases more references are available for that country, but were not listed.

The asterisk * indicates the type country.

The symbol & in apices is used when a country is only reported in the distribution of a synonym, usually as the type country of the synonym.

The symbol # indicates specimens personally examined from that country.

For allochtonous species the country is followed by (i) (imported).

Other symbols (§;+;@, …) refer to country indications of specimens conserved in museums, available in published lists or through the web, but not personally examined.

For each genus, the references corresponding to the numerical codes and the symbols are listed immediately after the species list.


Whenever possible, illustrations of a type specimen are linked to the name. Unless differently indicated, all the photographs were made by Meregalli. They were made during several years, and usually not specifically thought for this project, therefore their quality is variable. When photographs or illustrations of type specimens are not available, a photograph of a non-type specimen is linked, if available. Occasionally, a photograph of a species is taken from the web, with full indication of the source. For synonyms, obviously only the photographs of a type, when available, is linked.

The codens of the museums where the type, or the specimen photographed, is conserved are those suggested by the Bishop Museum.


This catalogue must be interactive and it will be kept continuously updated. Please feel free to send all comments, corrections and suggestions to:

Information of NEW RECORDS from countries not listed are particularly solicited! In this case, the information must be accompanied with a high quality photograph of the specimens and full locality data.


The current known country records are listed here.


This project has been possible only thanks to the courtesy and help of several friends and colleagues, curators of the majority of the European and Southafrican Natural History Museums, and the Beijing National Zoological Museum, as well as many owners of private collections, who kindly allowed me to examine and photograph types and other specimens, and sent me photographs and various information. Miguel Angel Alonso Zarazaga gave an essential contribution in clarifying nomenclatural questions and pointed out some imprecisions. Chris Lyal provided indispensable support for preparing the web pages. This research had in part the financial support of the European Commission’s Research Infrastructure Action via the SYNTHESYS Project (AT-TAF-997, DE-TAF-3947, FR-TAF-780, FR-TAF-2713, GB-TAF-783, HU-TAF-996, SE-TAF-1875; SE-TAF-1676) and in part the financial support of the Local Research ex-60% of the University of Turin, Italy.

To cite this catalogue:

Meregalli M. 2017. World Catalogue of the Curculionidae: Lixinae: Cleonini. In: Lyal C.H.C. (Ed.) International Weevil Community Website. Available from:

Or, alternatively, if the citation regards a single genus:

Meregalli M. 2017 (or date of the last revision of the genus). (Genus name). World Catalogue of the Curculionidae: Lixinae: Cleonini. In: Lyal C.H.C. (Ed.) International Weevil Community Website. Available from:

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