genus Apleurus Chevrolat, 1873: 78 type species Apleurus fossus Chevrolat, 1873 (=Cleonus lutulentus LeConte, 1859)
      Centrocleonus LeConte, 1876: 145 type species Cleonus angularis LeConte, 1859 [Homonym]
      Cleonaspis LeConte, 1876: 153 type species Cleonus lutulentus LeConte, 1859
      Cleonopsis LeConte, 1876: 147 type species Cleonus pulvereus LeConte, 1859 (= Cleonus lutulentus LeConte, 1859)
      Dinocleonus Casey, 1891: 176 type species Cleonus angularis LeConte, 1859 [replacement name]

subgenus Apleurus Chevrolat, 1873: 78 type species Apleurus fossus Chevrolat, 1873 (= Cleonus lutulentus LeConte, 1859)
albovestitus Casey, 1891: 183 (DinocleonusTL: “Los Angeles Co, California”  NAM: MX1,2,# US(AZ1,# CA* NM1,# NV1 TX1 UT1)
      densus Casey, 1891: 185 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “Winslow”  NAM: US(AZ*)
      interruptus Casey, 1904: 322 (Dinocleonus)  TL: Utah  NAM: US(UT*)
      mexicanus Casey, 1904: 322 (Dinocleonus)  TL: Guerrero  NAM: MX*
      molitor LeConte, 1858: 78 (Cleonus) [Homonym]  TL: “California”  NAM: US(CA*)
      structor Csiki, 1934: 67 [unnecessary replacement name]
      wickhami Casey, 1891: 184 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “Indio”  NAM: US(CA*)
angularis LeConte, 1859: 18 (CleonusTL: Kansas  NAM: MX1 US(AZ1,# CA1,# CO1 ID1 KS* NM1 NV1,# OR2 TX1 UT1 )
      denticollis Casey, 1891: 180 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “Peach Springs”  NAM: US(AZ*)
      porcatus Casey, 1904: 321 (Dinocelonus)  TL: “Ogden, Utah”  NAM: US(UT*)
aztecus Champion, 1902: 99 (Cleonus) !  TL: “Refugio, Durango”  NAM: MX*
lutulentus LeConte, 1859: 18 (CleonusTL: “Santa Fe”  NAM: GT# MX1,# US(AZ1,# CO1 KS1 NM* OK1 TX1 UT1)
      bryanti Van Dyke, 1953: 101 (Dinocleonus)  NAM: US(AZ*)
      fossus Chevrolat, 1873: 78 !  TL: “Mexico”  NAM: MX*
      pulvereus LeConte, 1859: 18 (Cleonus)  TL: “Dallas”  NAM: US(TX*)
pilosus LeConte, 1876: 145 (CentrocleonusTL: “California”  NAM: MX1 US(CA*)
      capillosus Csiki, 1934: 66 (Cleonus) [unnecessary replacement name]
      jacobinus Casey, 1891: 179 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “San Diego”  NAM: US(CA*)
porosus LeConte, 1876: 146 (CentrocleonusTL: “Cape San Lucas, Baja California”  NAM: MX* US(CA1)
      farctus Casey, 1891: 181 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “California”  NAM: US(CA*)
saginatus Casey, 1891: 182 (DinocleonusTL: “Arizona”  NAM: MX1 US(AZ* NM1,#)
      dentatus Champion, 1902: 100 (Dinocleonus)  TL: “Pinos Altos, Chihuahua”  NAM: MX*

subgenus Gibbostethus Anderson, 1987: 468 type species Dinocleonus hystrix Fall, 1913
hystrix Fall, 1913: 41 (DinocleonusTL: “Pasadena”  NAM: MX1 US(CA*)

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Revision, Key: Anderson R.S. 1987


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