Morphology of the preimaginal stages of weevils of the tribe Cleonini sensu lato (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:A. A. Zotov
Journal:Kavkazskii Entomologicheskii Byulleten
Date Published:2011

This article is devoted to study of preimaginal stages of weevil Cleonini sensu lato. It includes morphology and biology of 5 species: Rhabdorhynchus karelini (Fahraeus, 1842), Cyphocleonis achates (Fahraeus, 1842), Bothynoderes ainis (Schrank, 1781), B. declivis (Olivier 1807) and Asproparthenis carinicollis (Gyllenhal, 1834).

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