New data on Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) zariquieyi (Clermont, 1949) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:J. Agullo, Fadrique, F., Maso, G., Prieto, M.
Journal:Animal Biodiversity and Conservation
Date Published:2009

This paper discusses the discovery of new specimens of Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) zariquieyi (Clermont, 1949). Until now, the species was known by its type specimen, a male captured in an endogean environment in 1928. Four live males, eight live females and some remains were collected from two further localities in Spain, the Tassana and the Bora Major caves (Alt Emporda Girona). The species is redescribed, giving new details of its morphology, in particular the genitalia of both sexes. Some remarks about the ecology and distribution are also provided. It is the first time this species has been found in a cave habitat.

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