A new species of genus Pseudaspidapion Wanat, 1990 (Coleoptera, Apionidae) from China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:M. Angel Alonso-Zarazaga, Wang, Z., Zhang, R.
Date Published:2011

Pseudaspidapion botanicum sp. n. from China is described and figured. Its host plant is Grewia biloba G. Don var. parviflora (Bunge) Hand.-Mazz (Malvaceae: Grewioideae). The genus Harpapion Voss, 1966 is recorded as new for China and Vietnam and two comb. n. are proposed: Harpapion vietnamense (Korotyaev, 1985) (from Aspidapion) and Harpapion coelebs (Korotyaev, 1987) (from Pseudaspidapion). A key to the known species of the genus Pseudaspidapion from China is presented.

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