Polygraphus grandiclava (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) collected from pine and cherry trees: a phylogenetic analysis

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:D. Avtzis, Knizek, M., Hellrigl, K., Stauffer, C.
Journal:European Journal of Entomology
Date Published:October 24
Type of Article:Article
:Polygraphus grandiclava

Polygraphus grandiclava (Thomson, 1886) is a unique scolytid species in that it infests both Pinaceae and Rosaceae. The utilization of such different host trees lead to the designation of two species at the beginning of the last century. Later on, these two species were synonymised. Here we investigated the genetic identity of populations collected from pine and cherry trees by sequencing a partial region of the mitochondrial COI gene. The phylogenetic study presented reveals no indication of host-induced differentiation within the mitochondrial sequences of the populations collected from the two host plants.

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