Review of Lixinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) of the Latvian fauna

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:M. Balalaikins, Bukejs A.
Journal:Acta Zoologica Lituanica
Date Published:2011
:1392-1657; 1648-6919
:Bothynoderes, Cleonis, Coniocleonus, Cyphocleonus, Larinus, Lixus, Rhinocyllus, Stephanocleonus

The current article summarizes the faunal and bibliographical information on weevils of the Latvian fauna belonging to the genera Larinus, Lixus, Rhinocyllus, Coniocleonus, Stephanocleonus, Bothynoderes, Cyphocleonus and Cleonis. A total of 462 specimens of these genera were reviewed. The analysis of the bibliography of Latvian Lixinae was made for the first time. The first record of Larinus turbinatus Gyllenhal, 1835 in the Latvian fauna is reported. One species, Stephanocleonus tetragrammus (Pallas, 1781) is excluded from the list of Latvian Coleoptera. The annotated list including 15 species and 7 genera as well as an illustrated key to Latvian Lixinae are given.

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