[Revision of the genus Acallocrates Reitter, 1913.]

Publication Type:Broadcast
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:F. Bahr
ISBN Number:1439-4650
Keywords:Acallocrates, Acallocrates colonnellii, Acallocrates denticollis, Acallocrates denticollis var. minutesquamosus, Acallocrates fasciatus, Acallocrates minutesquamosus

The species of the genus Acallocrates Reitter,1913 are redescribed: Acallocrates minutesquamosus (Reiche, 1860), Acallocrates denticollis (Germar, 1824) and Acallocrates fasciatus Colonnelli, 1980. One species new to science is described: Acallocrates colonnellii n. sp. The designation of the neotype of Acalles denticollis var. minutesquamosus Reiche, 1860 (= Acallocrates minutesquamosus (Reiche, 1860) is given. Figures of the type material, the aedoeagi as well as important details are presented for all species of the genus. A key including figures guarantees a precise and simple species determination.

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