Trypodendron laeve Eggers, 1939 - a little known ambrosia beetle

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:H. Bussler, Schmidt O.
Journal:Forstschutz Aktuell
Date Published:Dezember
Type of Article:Article
:Trypodendron laeve

Resulting from the unclarified status and faulty synonymy of several species of the genus Trypodendron, the existence of a further ambrosia beetle in Europe has been widely ignored or overlooked in many studies on forest entomology. Trypodendron laeve Eggers was first found in Austria in 1982. Several further records connected with imported conifer timber from Russia led to the view that this species has been introduced to Central Europe and is not native here. Records from the Bavarian Alps, the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Sumava National Park now suggest that this is a widely distributed, native, but mostly unrecognized boreo-montane species.

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