Two new species of Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) Reitter, 1914, and a new species of Raymondionymus Wollaston, 1873 from Aurunci Mountains (Latium) (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:P. Magrini, Bastianini, M., Abbazzi, P.
Journal:Fragmenta Entomologica
Date Published:31 dicembre
Type of Article:Article
:Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus), Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) avoni, Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) bastianinii, Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) paulae, Raymondionymus eximius, Raymondionymus meggiolaroi, Raymondionymus pulcherrimus, Raymondionymus zoiai

Three new hypogean Curculionoidea have been discovered in the Aurunci Mountains (Lazio): Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) avoni n. sp.; Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) paulae n. sp. and Raymondionymus pulcherrimus n. sp. The text includes both photographs of the exoskeletal features (internal and external) that distinguish them within their respective groups, and a map summarizing the present distribution of anophthalmic and microphthalmic Lixorrhynchus in peninsular Italy and the Sardo-Corsican area. The first two species show a clear affinity with Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) bastianinii Magrini, Meoli & Abbazzi, 2005, from the central Aurunci Mountains (Grava dei Serini (= Grotta dei Serini) 587 La/FR), while the distinctive shape of the pronotum in the third species clearly places it with R. meggiolaroi (Osella, 1977) (Liguria), R. eximius Meregalli & Osella, 2006 (Lazio, Simbruini Mountains) and R. zoiai (Osella & Giusto, 1985) (Piedmont, Massiccio del Monviso).

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